‘Keeping Businesses Going & Growing’ Stories Of Resilience

Case Study25th Sep 2020

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AAB has been Kukoon Rugs accountant and business advisor since 2015.

During lockdown, they displayed remarkable resilience and relentless drive to overcome the business challenges presented by Covid-19.

It has been our privilege to have been part of their lockdown journey and watch them grow from strength to strength.

Businesses have faced severe challenges due to the near shutdown of the global economy.

Six months on from when Coronavirus started to impact our business and community life, we reflect on where we are as a business community today and look back on how far we have come.

In the face of adversity, we have witnessed countless displays of remarkable resilience.

Our Stories of Resilience series, take a look at some of our clients, cornerstones of our economy, who have adapted, reinvented, and evolved to operate successfully in a world with Covid 19.

Let these Reflections on Resilience inspire you, as we approach the inevitable second wave and a potential cliff-edge Brexit. We will continue to support you, helping businesses on the Island of Ireland Respond smarter, Rebound stronger and Reflect clearer to the unique challenges of Covid-19, Brexit, and beyond.

Watch how Kukoon Rugs, a market-leading rug retailer, have shown resilience and a relentless drive to the challenges faced, succeeding as they have kept their business going and growing.




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